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Everyone has a super power - sometimes we just need to be reminded.

Designing our SuperPower bracelet has been just that, a reminder. 

Inspiration comes from Ella’s own cancer journey. For every surgery, dose of chemo, bone marrow aspiration, blood transfusion, and spinal tap she had to endure she would earn a bead from the hospital.

These colorful beads made her feel brave and strong. For me, as her mom, they were a distraction in the midst of a lot of pain.

What began as a tiny bead bracelet, grew to a necklace, and then a strand taller than Ella herself. 

Three years of leukemia treatment is a lot of beads. 

The SuperPower bracelet celebrates our ability to do big things. We designed it with care, using natural gemstones so it can be worn everyday and forever.

Gift it or wear it as a reminder of how powerful you are. 

The best part? The SuperPower bracelet does a lot of good! For every purchase, we donate $10 to Tackle Kids Cancer. And as always Eli Manning doubles that donation.

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